Friday, 14 December 2018
Williams Sound
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The Company

Since 1976, Williams Sound has designed and manufactured audio wireless technology for personal and professional needs around the world. Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, the company manufactures and sells a wide array of products for simultaneous interpretation and other venues such as movie theaters, courts, stadiums and sports scenes, embassies, airports, churches y educational sites.

Williams Sound’s commercial line of products includes Personal Listening Systems in FM PA®, Listening Portable Systems for Tour guides, SoundPlus® Infrared Systems and Hearing Helper FM Listening Systems.

Consumer products include the Pocketalker® Personal Amplifier, the TV Talker® Television Listening System, the Teletalker® Telephone Amplifying System and FM Personal Motiva®.

Design / Manufacturing Expertise

Williams Sound aggressively focuses on refining existing products and designing new offerings. To further our international growth, we continue to develop new products that meet technical requirements in many different countries. Our research and development staff consists of engineers specializing in radio, audio, infrared, microprocessor, and mechanical design. William Sound’s manufacturing expertise is in mid-volume, high-complexity electronic assemblies whereas our Chinese partner specializes in high-volume, low-cost electronic assemblies.

Espejo & Gallagher has been using Williams Sound equipment since day one. We are proud to announce that in February 2012, we were chosen to act as authorized distributors in Peru for all Williams Sound products. Our rental equipment includes acoustic aluminum interpreter booths, the latest Williams Sound IC-2 interpreter consoles, 18” gooseneck and SM58 wireless Shure® microphones as well as the cutting-edge single-ear microphones made by Countryman and distributed by Shure®. Our receivers are all PPA R35-8, which are multichannel equipped to cover all our customers’ needs.

For more information on Williams Sound and our gamut of products, please visit or contact us locally at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for technical advice or quotes for rent or sale.

IC-2 Williams Sound console


Single-ear Countryman wireless microphone


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