Sunday, 14 July 2024

Espejo & Gallagher is a Peruvian-American full service translation and interpretation provider located in Lima, Peru. Founded in 1999, our company’s client list includes some of the world’s most prestigious companies and international organizations. Our top-rated services have been used on both short and long term projects in Washington, London, New York and Latin America.  Espejo & Gallagher’s professional staff is ready to meet your translation and interpretation needs according to the highest standards for quality and personalized service.

To ensure optimum results for our simultaneous interpretation services,  Espejo & Gallagher uses equipment made by one of the most prestigious brands in the global market: Williams Sound®. We have been so pleased with our results over the last decade that we now use Williams Sound® exclusively and were named an authorized distributor for Peru in February 2012. This is why E&G can offer a one-step-shop concept to cover all your simultaneous interpretation needs for fixed or portable equipment, whether for rent or sale.

Espejo & Gallagher is an environmentally conscious company. We maintain an in-office recycling program, purchase recycled paper products and avoid printing documentation whenever possible.

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